Know Your Customer, Better

When evaluating a new customer, it’s a two-step process. Without proper authentication and verification, you may face compliance challenges and financial losses. ID Analytics’ authentication solutions leverage the unique cross-industry blend of traditional and alternative data in the ID Network® to help you know your customer better. We use non-public data to authenticate more securely than competing solutions, all at an affordable price point.


Authentication & Verification Solutions

Certain ID®

A knowledge-based authentication quiz that helps ensure you know who you’re dealing with at the most critical moments, such as account originations, profile changes and high-risk transactions. Certain ID can help authenticate nearly every U.S. consumer by tapping into the unique cross-industry data in the ID Network. Because the ID Network is a proprietary data source, Certain ID poses a series of questions an imposter can’t easily obtain through public record searches.


Affordably manage regulatory requirements by efficiently and effectively verifying the identity data given by potential customers. Comply360 can automatically clear or remediate most customers, allowing them to proceed through an underwriting process. When issues are detected, Comply360 can return contrary data and provide element-specific verification flags needed to enable more efficient manual reviews.

ID Network® Attributes for Verification

When making crucial assessments for verification and compliance, you sometimes need more than a score. You want detailed data on the characteristics necessary to drive rules-based strategies and manual investigations.

ID Network Attributes for Verification delivers intuitive, specific responses to more than 65 identity-related questions, answering the crucial questions needed to tackle the biggest verification and compliance challenges.