With a full range of fraud detection, identity verification and data breach services, we’re here to help federal, state and local agencies manage complex programs and protect taxpayer dollars.

ID Analytics offers several fraud, verification, authentication and breach solutions to government agencies. Whether you need to verify an identity before releasing money, reduce fraud in a benefits program, or monitor breached data for signs of misuse all while meeting rigorous security requirements, we’ll partner with you to make it happen.

How It Works

Our ID Network® includes more than two billion consumer transactions from a wide variety of industries including leading banks, telecommunications providers and automotive lenders. And we have data on 3.3 million client-reported frauds. By applying advanced analytics to this unique repository, we’re able to deliver powerful solutions to your agency’s most challenging problems.

How ID Analytics Can Help You

  • Reduce losses stemming from fraudulent interactions
  • Verify the identity of most U.S. adults without manual intervention
  • Protect your agency in the event of a data breach with a solution that pin-points organized misuse of compromised identities that appears to be a result of the breach
  • Authenticate individuals based on accurate, non-public data with questions that are top-of-mind for genuine individuals but tough for imposters to guess

Government Solutions

ID Analytics’ account management solutions evaluate requested personal account changes, to help you identify account takeover attempts.  Safeguard the sensitive information you’ve been entrusted with, using a suite of solutions capable of assessing every account management event, across every channel.

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ID Analytics’ fraud solutions at account opening interrogate every element of an application to deliver an accurate, up-to-the-minute assessment of fraud risk. Reduce friction, fraud losses and operational costs with a set of solutions designed to help you preserve the new user experience, while keeping bad guys at bay.

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ID Analytics’ authentication solutions help you know who you’re dealing with at the most crucial moments – like new account creation, account management activities and other high-value interactions. These solutions utilize rich non-public data to authenticate consumers with questions which are intuitive and top-of-mind for legitimate consumers, yet challenging and hard-to-research for imposters.

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ID Analytics’ data breach services monitor your constituents’ and employees’ personal information for signs of abuse related to a breach. By delivering clear visibility into whether personal data entrusted to your agency is being used inappropriately, these tools provide a truly valuable solution both for breach remediation and the ongoing detection of unidentified breaches.

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ID Analytics’ identity assessment solutions efficiently and effectively evaluate the identity information presented by new users. Reduce friction during new customer onboarding and decrease operational costs, with a set of solutions designed to improve identity verification processes while identifying potential risk due to misrepresentation or manipulation.

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