In the fast-changing landscape of online commerce, with payment models and technologies evolving every day, you need a partner who can help you be more efficient and fully compliant, reducing losses while maximizing conversion. Let us be that partner.

ID Analytics’ eCommerce solutions are designed to address a variation of the same challenge – how to better manage risk while removing obstacles between your customers and conversion. We’ll help you verify customer identities, reduce fraud losses, protect customer accounts and clear more low-risk transactions without manual intervention.

How It Works

We start by listening, to really understand your business, before we suggest which of our solutions will help. With access to cross-industry data from online and offline transactions in the ID Network®, we provide up-to-the-minute fraud, identity verification and authentication services that let you focus on what matters most – building your business.

How ID Analytics Can Help You

  • Increase conversion rates while limiting risk, with fraud solutions capable of reducing false positives
  • Reduce charge-backs by applying a unique and comprehensive view of identity risk to identify fraudulent transactions
  • Protect customer relationships and your brand by shielding your website from damaging account takeover incidents
  • Reduce friction and compliance costs by automatically verifying a high percentage of identities without manual intervention

eCommerce Solutions

ID Analytics’ fraud solutions at new account opening interrogate every identity element provided by the user to deliver an accurate, up-to-the-minute assessment of fraud risk. Reduce friction, fraud losses and operational costs with a set of solutions designed to help you preserve the new user experience, while keeping bad guys at bay.

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ID Analytics’ identity assessment solutions efficiently and effectively evaluate the identity information presented by new users. Reduce friction during new account creation and decrease operational costs, with a set of solutions designed to improve identity verification processes while identifying potential risk due to misrepresentation or manipulation.

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ID Analytics’ transaction fraud solutions can scrutinize the identity and device behind card-not-present transactions to accurately identify the limited number of high-risk instances where manual review is truly warranted.  Increase conversion while controlling fraud losses, with a set of solutions that deliver a more complete view into online and mobile transaction fraud risk.

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