Automotive Lending

Booking a new customer isn’t easy. On short notice, you have to evaluate their loan quality and deliver competitive pricing, all while executing an effective risk assessment that complies with applicable regulations and minimizes the chance of acquiring the wrong customer.

ID Analytics can help you deliver more competitive offers to more customers across the credit spectrum. Our Credit Optics® Full Spectrum Auto model has visibility into credit behaviors in critical industries– like wireless, retail banking and subprime lending – that traditional credit scores do not typically include, giving you insights that help you see opportunity where others simply see risk.

How It Works

Built from the ground up to address the needs of the automotive lending industry, Credit Optics Full Spectrum Auto can help enable lenders to stay a step ahead of an increasingly competitive market by extending more compelling loan offers to consumers across the credit spectrum. By leveraging a unique and uncorrelated assessment of consumer credit risk, Credit Optics Full Spectrum Auto is designed to help lenders focus on growing their business while minimizing incremental risk.

ID Analytics Solutions Can Help You
  • Unlock opportunities on consumers across the credit spectrum; from thin-file and no-hit to sub-prime and super-prime.
  • Provide more targeted pricing through a powerful and unique perspective on credit quality.
  • Clear more applicants through compliance hurdles with verification solutions that help you avoid costly delays and remediation processes.


Solutions for Automotive Lending: