Automotive Lending

Booking a new customer isn’t easy. On short notice, you have to evaluate an individual’s loan quality and deliver competitive pricing, all while executing an effective risk evaluation that complies with applicable regulations and minimizes the chance of acquiring the wrong customer.

ID Analytics allows you to deliver aggressive, competitive offers to more of the right customers at all credit levels. Our credit risk solutions have visibility into credit behaviors in critical industries the credit bureaus don’t capture – like wireless, retail banking and subprime lending – giving you insights that help you see opportunity where others simply see risk.

How It Works

The ID Network® includes unique, high-value consumer transactions from a wide variety of industries including Fortune 100 banks, telecommunications providers and automotive lenders. By applying advanced analytics to this massive data repository, we’re capable of accurately evaluating nearly 100% of U.S. loan applications, providing key additional information needed to better meet the needs of dealers and consumers.

How ID Analytics Can Help You
  • Increase booking rates, by enabling the identification and capture of higher-quality loans across the credit spectrum
  • Improve deal margin, through an improved perspective on credit quality that allows for more targeted pricing
  • Clear more applicants through compliance hurdles, with verification solutions that help you avoid costly delays and remediation processes


Solutions for Automotive Lending: