Expanding Our Understanding of Identity Risk, Consumer Behavior and the Potential of New Technology

ID:A LabsID:A Labs is a multidisciplinary group of mathematicians, computer scientists, economists, financial experts, cognitive scientists and advisors from ID Analytics dedicated to the continued exploration of all-things identity.

By examining identity use in the United States, ID:A Labs strives to reveal important trends in consumer behavior that impact the ability of organizations to effectively manage both the opportunity and the risk of an individual consumer.

ID:A Labs conducts research and analysis in the areas of identity fraud, credit risk, authentication, verification and identity proofing. ID:A Labs leverages the ID Network®, one of the nation’s first networks of cross-industry consumer behavioral data, to gain a unique and comprehensive perspective on how U.S. consumers utilize their identities to interact with the world around them. By applying patented analytics and proven expertise to this unique view into consumer behavior, ID:A Labs researches, analyzes and reports on developments in consumer behavior, identity and credit-related issues, the regulatory landscape and innovations in analytics around modeling and machine learning.

ID:A Labs research falls into two general categories: trends and insights around emerging consumer behaviors and new algorithms and technologies designed to improve ID Analytics’ product performance. In the first category, we explore and disseminate information on topics of interest pertaining to identity and credit risk management. In the second category, we perform complex research and development using the latest technologies in machine learning and big data analytics.