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ID NetworkBehind every ID Analytics risk assessment is the ID Network®, a unique cross-industry repository of near real-time consumer information which provides a comprehensive perspective on identity and credit risk.

Since ID Analytics’ foundation, its clients have contributed critical data to the ID Network which provides insight into the events assessed by our solutions. Over the past decade, the data contributions from ID Analytics’ cross-industry client base have built the ID Network into a powerful repository of consumer information, with visibility into a range of consumer behaviors including account openings, wireless applications, new check orders, changes of address and Internet purchases.

This unique visibility is kept current with up-to-the-minute data updates so that every ID Analytics solution reflects an up-to-the-minute picture of the marketplace. With 100 million identity elements coming in each day from leading cross-industry organizations – along with details on more than 4.2 million client-reported attempts at identity fraud – the ID Network provides a current and comprehensive perspective of event and consumer risk.

Whether it’s certifying that an individual with no traditional credit history is low risk because of a great payment record on wireless phones and utilities, or observing that a non-prime consumer is working to rebuild credit standing, the cross-industry insight provided by the ID Network allows consumers to be seen in a different, brighter light.

This allows companies to treat customers better, by offering improved terms, asking fewer intrusive questions and better protecting their sensitive information.