Valuable Information. Seamless Infrastructure.

Data & DeliveryRisk solutions are only as good as the analytics and data behind them and the systems that deliver them. At ID Analytics, that means they’re very, very good. The ID Network®, with more than 1 trillion aggregated data elements, covers virtually 100% of U.S. adults with details on an incredibly diverse set of consumer behaviors, from credit card and wireless phone applications, to changes in checking account information, to sub-prime loans and eCommerce transactions. Because many of these behaviors aren’t reported to traditional credit bureaus and public records companies, the ID Network’s visibility into consumer risk is as comprehensive as it is unique. And it’s backed up by world-class analytics and infrastructure. Low latency and high availability, with built-in redundancy and the ability to connect seamlessly to your systems will give you confidence in our ability to be a dependable, high-quality partner.