NEW: Debunking Millennial Myths

Is there a lack of demand for credit products among millennials? Are young adults considered to be “low score” and “no score” always high risk? View our webinar now to learn how declining millennials at a high rate could jeopardize your institution’s long-term success. View Webinar

Driving Real Results from Alternative Data

While many lenders recognize that the answer to this challenge is the incorporation of “alternative” credit data into their underwriting processes, too often the hurdle of developing strategies and navigating internal compliance reviews can make adoption feel out of reach. In this webinar, credit and automotive lending experts share insights on extracting real results from alternative credit data. View Webinar

Alternative Data for Credit Decisioning

Alternative credit data represents an opportunity for lenders to improve the accuracy of underwriting models and expand the world of credit to more candidates.  In this webinar, credit experts from Mercator and ID Analytics share insights on the use of alternative data in credit decisioning. View Webinar


More Molehill than Mountain: Pushing Past Myths in Alternative Credit Adoption

In this webinar, credit experts from ID Analytics highlight strategies for leveraging alternative data to improve lending decisions across your portfolio, and review methodologies for incorporating these new insights into your underwriting processes. View Webinar




Alternative Credit Scores: The Key to Financial Inclusion for Consumers

In this study, ID Analytics examined credit applicant populations at ten key lenders to determine if the introduction of alternative credit data analysis tools would impact the eligibility of thin-file, no-hit, marginal and subprime consumers for credit accounts and loans. View

Mercator – Applying Alternative Data to Credit Decisioning: A Primer

Alternative credit data represents an opportunity for lenders and merchants to improve the accuracy of underwriting models and expand their credit candidates. View

Debunking Millennial Myths

Once millennials are declined for credit they may not return. New research from ID:A Labs reveals that over six out of 10 millennials declined for credit are not seen applying again for at least 12 months. View

Expanding Financial Inclusion in Automotive Lending

Better credit decisioning can be achieved using a combination of traditional and alternative credit data. This allows enterprises to be more inclusive with their lending strategies without increasing risk exposure. View

Millennials: High Risk or Untapped Opportunity?

The latest study from ID:A Labs analyzes consumer behavior for three demographic groups, millennials, Generation X and baby boomers, across multiple industries, and explores the rates at which millenials are seeking and being denied credit. View



Credit Optics Full Spectrum Overview

Credit Optics Full Spectrum® is an FCRA-compliant credit score which provides the powerful, differentiated insights organizations require to develop a complete picture of an individual’s creditworthiness across the customer lifecycle. View

Credit Optics Full Spectrum for Automotive Overview

Credit Optics Full Spectrum is an alternative credit score which provides powerful insights for thick, thin, and no file applicants across the full credit spectrum. This unique, broader visibility into consumer credit risk enables lenders to develop price optimization strategies which deliver a competitive edge. View




Millennials: High Risk or Untapped Opportunity?