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Scott Carter

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Carter was named CEO of ID Analytics in August of 2015. Carter joined ID Analytics as the company’s COO in September 2014, with responsibility for leading corporate strategy and go-to-market initiatives. Carter brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience to his role, with expertise in data, software and decision technologies for the financial services industry and adjacent markets.  Carter has served as senior vice president at Experian, where he was responsible for analytics and fraud solutions globally and led their go-to-market efforts for the North America region.  Prior to joining ID Analytics, Carter was chief marketing officer for mobile imaging software solutions provider Mitek, where he managed all aspects of marketing, product development, corporate growth and strategy. Carter has also held senior-level marketing and operations roles at Fair Isaac Corporation (now FICO) and First Union (now part of Wells Fargo).  Early in his career, he held a variety of leadership roles in operations, risk management, marketing and analytics at Associates First Capital Corporation, Advanta and American Express Centurion Bank.

  • BA, University of Delaware
  • MBA, University of Delaware, Lerner College of Business and Economics

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Stephen Coggeshall

Chief Analytics and Science Officer

Dr. Stephen Coggeshall is ID Analytics’ Chief Analytics and Science Officer. Coggeshall has worked closely with ID Analytics and its executive team since the company’s inception, and has been instrumental in building the company’s initial technical team and product roadmap.  Coggeshall has spent his 20-plus year career leading scientists to build practical solutions to difficult business problems using advanced analytics.  Prior to joining ID Analytics, Coggeshall  served as an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, working in the areas of asset allocation, portfolio analysis, stock selection, proprietary derivatives trading and behavioral forecasts of investors and financial advisors, and was co-founder and CEO of the analytics consulting company Los Alamos Computational Group, which worked primarily with Morgan Stanley.

Before establishing the Los Alamos Computational Group, Coggeshall served as Group Vice President of the technology development organization at HNC Software. Coggeshall was also a co-founder of the Center for Adaptive Systems Applications (CASA), where he managed a group performing consumer behavioral and portfolio modeling and analysis (CASA was purchased by HNC Software in 2000). Coggeshall’s experience prior to CASA includes work in machine learning and adaptive computation; leading teams working with Citicorp, MasterCard and the Internal Revenue Service building applied solutions using advanced mathematical algorithms. He also spent 11 years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the field of laser fusion. Recognized throughout the industry for his work, in 2012 Coggeshall received a Lifetime Achievement award from the San Diego Business Journal. A frequent presenter, Coggeshall co-authored “Foundations of Predictive Analytics” and his research has appeared in national news media such as the Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the Today Show.

  • PhD, University of Illinois
  • MS, University of Illinois
  • MA, University of Illinois
  • BS, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
  • BA, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

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Moudy Elbayadi

Chief Information Officer

Moudy Elbayadi, PhD joined ID Analytics in June, 2013. As the Chief Information Officer, Elbayadi is accountable for the overall strategic direction and execution of information technology infrastructure, service delivery, architecture, as well as data centers, networks and information security.

A recognized thought leader in the practical application of technology to solve business needs, Elbayadi is passionate about delivering great customer experiences and helping technology companies compete on the web. In addition to supporting large-scale web operations (100+ million users), Elbayadi is skilled at finding, developing and retaining great technical talent to enable IT transformation. Evoking excellence in others, building high performing teams and creating a great place to work form the principles he strives to apply each day.

Over the past 18 years, Elbayadi has held both technical and business positions including service in banking and finance, legal, and large technology companies. Prior to joining ID Analytics, Elbayadi held various leadership positions at the ACTIVE Network, Intuit, Inc., and IndyMac Bank. Most recently he served as the Vice President of global technology operations at the Active Network, where he helped lead a large IT transformation that included consolidating over 20 data centers, acquisitions and integration, and developing a next-gen hosting platform.

  • PhD, Antioch University
  • MA, Chapman University
  • MBA, University of Redlands
  • BA, Westmont College

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Mike Lazarus

Chief Scientist

Mike Lazarus joined ID Analytics in August of 2013 as Chief Scientist.  Lazarus is responsible for driving ID Analytics’ research and development program to guide technology strategy and innovation. He provides technical leadership to the analytical modeling development team for the continued design and implementation of scoring models and algorithms. Through his technology leadership at ID:A Labs, Lazarus helps build relationships with ID Analytics customers.

Over the past 25 years, Lazarus has worked to develop analytic software products in a variety of industries including finance, Internet, healthcare, and information technology, across different disciplines such as engineering, data science, and product.  Prior to joining ID Analytics, Lazarus held multiple positions at Atigeo, an enterprise solutions technology company. Most recently he served as vice president of analytics, where he was responsible for leading the science team.  Prior to his role as vice president, he was a principal scientist developing scalable analytic software in the areas of information retrieval and topic modeling. Earlier in his career, Lazarus was a director of analytic science at FICO and HNC Software where he led development efforts for the identity theft prevention product and Database Mining Workstation. He has also served as chief technology officer and chief analytics officer for RealAge, Inc., a lifestyle media company, as well as product manager for Hewlett Packard. A central focus for Lazarus across his spectrum of experience has been using data and analytics to bring useful solutions to enterprises and consumers.  He participated in and led development of some of the earliest successful data mining solutions in fraud detection, automated modeling, and Internet behavioral ad targeting.

  • MS, University of California, San Diego
  • BS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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Vijay Eluri

Vice President of Engineering

Vijay Eluri assumed the role of Vice President of Engineering at ID Analytics in July 2015. Eluri leads a dynamic team of engineering professionals to drive software strategy and execution. He is responsible for the architecture, design, implementation, and maintenance of large-scale software systems that support high-volume, low-latency B2B products and services. From 2009 to July 2015 Eluri served in Engineering Management positions at ID Analytics.

Over the past 19 years Eluri has held various engineering positions at HNC, FICO, First American Credco, and Vedika International. He completed executive and management training through the UCSD EPSE diploma and UCSD LAMP program. He is a certified Java, C, C++, Python, and Scala programmer as well as a certified AWS Solutions Architect. His research has been published in several prestigious machine-learning journals including IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems and IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks.

  • MS (CS), Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  • BS (CS), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

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Matt McAluney

Senior Vice President of Sales

Matt McAluney assumed the role of senior vice president of sales at ID Analytics in December 2014. McAluney oversees all revenue generation and client relationship management functions at ID Analytics. He is responsible for enhancing our corporate strategy to help meet both near-term and long-term revenue goals. From November 2013 to December 2014, McAluney served as vice president of sales for the financial services business at ID Analytics.

McAluney has more than twenty years of sales and executive leadership experience in both large and small enterprises. Prior to joining ID Analytics in 2013, McAluney was the vice president of sales at Equifax where he led new client development, marketing partnerships and served as general manager of a high growth market for Equifax’s personal information solutions business unit. In that role, he led strategy development, strategic planning, product development, marketing, and P&L management. Prior to Equifax, he also held sales and business development roles with Proficient Systems, Yodlee, Parametric Technologies, and Black and Decker.

  • MBA, Emory University
  • BBA, Loyola University

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Eric Lindeen

Vice President of Marketing

Eric Lindeen joined ID Analytics in October 2015 as Vice President of Marketing.  Lindeen is responsible for the company’s overall marketing and communications strategy and execution, as well as its brand and demand generation programs.

Lindeen brings more than 25 years of marketing and technology experience to his role, with expertise working directly with financial institutions as well as the financial services and lending markets. Prior to joining ID Analytics, he served as vice president of solution marketing for Zoot Enterprises, where he helped lenders develop and deploy complex solutions for credit originations.   

  • MBA, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business
  • BS, University of Southern California