by Kevin King

Kevin King

When most organizations think about deploying origination fraud strategies, the focus is often on reducing losses and trimming operational expenses. The marketplace or peer-to-peer lending industry is not like most industries. The pain this industry feels by each successful fraud

by Aaron Kline

Aaron Kline

Javelin estimates that 63% of the U.S. population will use mobile banking by 2018. Additionally, of consumers applying for new checking and credit card accounts, 70% seeking checking accounts and 80% of those applying for credit card accounts prefer to

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

Financial institutions, telecommunications, and marketplace lending companies receive applications for their products and services on a daily basis. Some of these applications are subsequently determined to be fraudulent. At ID Analytics, we regularly screen credit card openings, new cell phone …

by Garient Evans

Garient Evans

Many consumers believe that the most common form of fraud is related to credit card transactions and that this type of fraud doesn’t impact them much beyond being a minor inconvenience when a transaction is declined at the point of …