1. Jason Heil

    Credit Unions: Focus More on Your Members and Less on Compliance and Fraud

     |  By Jason Heil

    Credit unions have seen their operating costs rise dramatically since the 2008 financial crisis, due to the plethora of new regulatory and compliance changes that came in its aftermath. A report issued by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) reveals …

  2. ID Analytics

    Alternative Data Improves Financial Inclusion, without Adding Risk

     |  By ID Analytics

    Consumer credit behavior in the U.S. has evolved over the past decade, along with the data and scoring systems that represented that behavior. As a result, many consumers have a difficult time gaining access to affordable credit, or credit at …

  3. ID Analytics

    In Online Lending, Application Velocity Points to Increased Risk

     |  By ID Analytics

    In October 2016, ID Analytics announced the formation of the Online Lending Network (OLN), a consortium established to enhance responsible lending, help protect consumers and address credit and fraud risks.

    Through the OLN, lenders report when a consumer requests an …

  4. ID Analytics

    Could Convolutional Neural Networks Help Identify Risk?

     |  By ID Analytics

    At ID:A Labs we’re always looking for new and more efficient ways to look at behavior patterns that may help us identify risk. In this video ID:A Labs Principal Data Scientist, Sunhyoung Han discusses her research involving Convolutional Neural Networks …

  5. A New Approach to Building Credit Risk Models

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    The alternative data that we use in our credit risk model is constantly evolving to provide the best recommendations to our clients. Recently we’ve improved our approach to the way we build those models to better align our product development …