1. Kevin King

    Is Your Fraud Strategy Ready for Black Friday?

     |  By Kevin King

    Black Friday is quickly approaching and the weekend shopping forecast is bright. Consumer spending is expected to increase by 47% from the same period in 2016.1 This time period includes Cyber Monday, which holds the record for the largest …

  2. Kevin King

    Finding the Right Fit: A Fraud Strategy without Compromise

     |  By Kevin King

    Businesses today are seeing a greater volume of fraud attacks at account opening than ever before,1 and with valid personally identifiable information readily available from data breaches, application fraud techniques are becoming more sophisticated and widespread.2 This puts …

  3. Ken Meiser

    A Modern-Day Frankenstein: Synthetic Identity Fraud

     |  By Ken Meiser

    When Victor Frankenstein set out to fashion a new life form with body parts he gathered from multiple corpses, he was unaware of the damage his creation would later inflict on innocent people.1 While Frankenstein’s monster was a fictional …

  4. Scott Carter

    Identity Protection in an Era of Data Breaches

     |  By Scott Carter

    Identity theft can happen to anyone. When a person’s identity is stolen, they can be left with feelings of helplessness and a lack of control. The financial losses and emotional stressors of a stolen identity can be crippling. The problem …