1. A New Car for Graduation? Millennials and Auto Purchasing

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    Purchasing a new car was once considered a rite of passage for young adults and college graduates, but does this apply to the millennial generation in the current economic climate?1

    A recent study showed that 71% of millennials …

  2. Millennials – Credit Invisibles?

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    Millennials. The largest consumer group since the baby boomers. As they reach adulthood, what will their purchasing behavior look like in this new, ever-evolving economy? What adjustments should be made to business practices, if any, to attract these customers and …

  3. Garient Evans

    Fraud Rates and Trends Across Industries

     |  By Garient Evans

    Many consumers believe that the most common form of fraud is related to credit card transactions and that this type of fraud doesn’t impact them much beyond being a minor inconvenience when a transaction is declined at the point of …

  4. Dr. Steve Coggeshall

    Quick Cash, Secret Shoppers and iSchemes: Inside the World of Credit Muling

     |  By Stephen Coggeshall

    Credit Muling Scams Target Wireless Carriers

    Americans sign up for thousands of new cell phones every day, and most are honest people who intend to honor their contracts. A very small number are the bad apples in the bunch, criminals …

  5. Alternative Credit Data FAQs

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    As a follow-up to our recent post Alternative Credit Data is Nothing New, we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions on this topic:

    Question: Who benefits from alternative credit data?

    Answer: There are many studies that focus on …