1. Aaron Kline

    ID Analytics Unveils ID Connect™ at Finovate Fall

     |  By Aaron Kline

    Javelin estimates that 63% of the U.S. population will use mobile banking by 2018. Additionally, of consumers applying for new checking and credit card accounts, 70% seeking checking accounts and 80% of those applying for credit card accounts prefer to

  2. ID Analytics

    Top 10 Fraud Ring Cities

     |  By ID Analytics

    Financial institutions, telecommunications, and marketplace lending companies receive applications for their products and services on a daily basis. Some of these applications are subsequently determined to be fraudulent. At ID Analytics, we regularly screen credit card openings, new cell phone …

  3. Patrick Reemts

    Get Millennials Credit Ready for the New School Year

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    As millennials head back to college, they will be buying items to get ready for the new school year.  These purchases could include big-ticket items like a computer, smartphone, furniture or a car. To afford these purchases, millennials may need

  4. ID Analytics

    ID Analytics Scientist Spotlight – Darwin Villagomez

     |  By ID Analytics

    Welcome to the third post in our series of “Scientist Spotlight” blogs! Over the next few months we will profile our valued ID:A Labs scientists, showcasing their experience and expertise, role at ID Analytics, the projects they’re working on, and