1. Dr. Steve Coggeshall

    Quick Cash, Secret Shoppers and iSchemes: Inside the World of Credit Muling

     |  By Stephen Coggeshall

    Credit Muling Scams Target Wireless Carriers

    Americans sign up for thousands of new cell phones every day, and most are honest people who intend to honor their contracts. A very small number are the bad apples in the bunch, criminals …

  2. Alternative Credit Data FAQs

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    As a follow-up to our recent post Alternative Credit Data is Nothing New, we’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions on this topic:

    Question: Who benefits from alternative credit data?

    Answer: There are many studies that focus on …

  3. Dr. Steve Coggeshall

    Synthetic Identities – the New Friends and Family Plan?

     |  By Stephen Coggeshall

    Fake Families Defraud Wireless Carriers with Invented Identities

    With identity theft being one of the fastest growing crimes in America,1 an increasing number of merchants are on the lookout for customers using stolen identities. However, these criminals are adapting …

  4. Alternative Credit Data Is Nothing New

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    With all the news lately around alternative credit scores, you might think the use of alternative credit data  is a new concept in consumer credit metrics. Surprisingly, this is not the case. In fact, the alternative credit space was pioneered …

  5. Dr. Steve Coggeshall

    Organized Fraud Rings Prey on Wireless Carriers

     |  By Stephen Coggeshall

    This post is the first in a three-part series on fraud techniques used to target wireless carries. The data collected and analyzed by ID Analytics has given us unique insight into how this type of fraud is planned and perpetrated.…