How familiar is your institution with synthetic identity fraud? Are you aware that fraudsters are combining a possible valid SSN with other fake identity elements to bypass your security measures? Synthetic Identity theft is nothing to ignore. According to a

In our last blog post, we addressed some interesting trends we observed over this past Black Friday shopping weekend. Based on an increase in online transactions and a decrease in new account enrollments,1 consumers appear to be changing

With Black Friday around the corner many retailers are preparing for what has historically been one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The national retail federation predicts that U.S. holiday sales during November and December will increase 3.7% …

According to Javelin’s 2015 Identity Fraud Report, seniors (individuals over 65) incur the highest level of fraud across all types of fraud. Why is that? Seniors are attractive victims: older individuals have better credit and hold more accounts compared

When most organizations think about deploying origination fraud strategies, the focus is often on reducing losses and trimming operational expenses. The marketplace or peer-to-peer lending industry is not like most industries. The pain this industry feels by each successful fraud