Year: 2016

by Patrick Reemts

With college graduation season coming to a close, nearly two million1 millennials are preparing to leave the days of studying, sleeping and partying behind to enter the work world. As graduates embark on this new chapter, they may find …

by Ken Meiser

Ken Meiser

According to a new study from Javelin, instances of new account fraud more than doubled from 2014 to 2015. This increase in fraud is attributed to a number of factors including the recent transition to EMV combined with a significant …

by Garient Evans

Garient Evans

Consumer demand is driving tremendous growth and change in the online lending industry. Online lenders are also a popular target for fraudsters of all kinds, with two to four times the number of fraud attacks as other account types, according …

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

As a featured speaker at the TRMA 2016 Spring Conference, ID Analytics’ Raj Dasgupta will present best practices for minimizing identity-related fraud, helping victims of identity theft, and improving the processes that address these issues.

Surprising Statistics

In today’s world, …