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  1. Ken Meiser

    Synthetic Identity Fraud Legislative Update

     |  By Ken Meiser

    In my new role as Chief Compliance Officer for ID Analytics, I have been spending a great deal of time in Washington D.C. with our government relations team staying abreast of new laws that impact our industry. I will periodically …


  1. ID Analytics

    Is your enterprise leveraging the competitive advantages of alternative credit data?

     |  By ID Analytics

    In our previous blog we discussed the benefits of using alternative credit data to score thin-file and no-hit consumers, particularly the millennial generation. This is an excellent use case because according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there are approximately …

  2. Jason Heil

    Is alternative credit data the key to a new car for millennials?

     |  By Jason Heil

    In 2015, ID Analytics debunked the myth that millennials were less interested in traditional forms of credit by demonstrating that they were applying at higher rates for credit cards and auto loans than any other generation yet were more frequently …