Does Less Privacy Online Increase Your Risk of Identity Fraud?

October 10, 2016
By Dr. Stephen Coggeshall

Would you trade your sensitive personal information for a cookie? Probably not? Well, that’s just what 380 New Yorkers did in a ‘Please Enable Cookies’ experiment conducted at an arts festival in Brooklyn in 2014. In a twist on the …

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College GraduRATES for New Credit Applications

July 12, 2016
By Patrick Reemts

With college graduation season coming to a close, nearly two million1 millennials are preparing to leave the days of studying, sleeping and partying behind to enter the work world. As graduates embark on this new chapter, they may find themselves …

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New Account Fraud is on the Rise – Is There Any Defense?

June 29, 2016
By Ken Meiser

According to a new study from Javelin, instances of new account fraud more than doubled from 2014 to 2015.  This increase in fraud is attributed to a number of factors including the recent transition to EMV combined with a significant …

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Digital Banking – Innovating for New Customers

June 15, 2016
By Aaron Kline

As consumer expectations increase, are you providing a seamless customer experience?American Banker’s Digital Banking conference takes place next week in New Orleans and promises to cover ‘pressing industry challenges including trends and innovations in mobile banking’.1  As consumers rapidly shift …

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Surprising Fraud Risk Insights from the Online Lending Market

April 12, 2016
By Garient Evans

Consumer demand is driving tremendous growth and change in the online lending industry. Online lenders are also a popular target for fraudsters of all kinds, with two to four times the number of fraud attacks as other account types, according …

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Identity Fraud: What Can Enterprises Do to Better Fight it?

March 8, 2016
By ID Analytics

As a featured speaker at the TRMA 2016 Spring Conference, ID Analytics’ Raj Dasgupta will present best practices for minimizing identity-related fraud, helping victims of identity theft, and improving the processes that address these issues.Surprising Statistics In today’s world, data …

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The Rising Tide of Synthetic Identities

February 9, 2016
By Ken Meiser

How familiar is your institution with synthetic identity fraud? Are you aware that fraudsters are combining a possible valid SSN with other fake identity elements to bypass your security measures? Synthetic Identity theft is nothing to ignore. According to a …

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Raise Your Hand if You Selected 30 Year Olds in Alabama as Your Prime Target for Black Friday

January 20, 2016
By Ken Meiser

In our last blog post, we addressed some interesting trends we observed over this past Black Friday shopping weekend. Based on an increase in online transactions and a decrease in new account enrollments1,, consumers appear to be changing their shopping …

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How Did 2015 Black Friday Trends Compare to 2014?

December 3, 2015
By Ken Meiser

Black Friday has come and gone, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This year experts predicted that U.S holiday sales would increase 3.7% this year to $630.5 billion, while online sales would experience 6-8% growth and account …

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Will We See a Repeat of 2014 Black Friday Trends?

November 24, 2015
By Ken Meiser

With Black Friday around the corner many retailers are preparing for what has historically been one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The national retail federation predicts that U.S. holiday sales during November and December will increase 3.7% …

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